Clare Novaes

Clare is the Artistic Director of the Clare Novaes School of Ballet (est. 1998). In addition to this role, Clare is also a guest lecturer in Classical Ballet at the University of Ulster, and a Dance Artist with Creative Youth Partnerships.

The Clare Novaes School of Ballet offers classes following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. They take students of all ages. Adult beginner and adults returning to ballet as well as Silver Swans are very welcome.

At the school, they encourage creativity, development of coordination, body alignment and confidence.

The classes offer exercise for mind and body and develop concentration and physical fitness.

Clare enjoys the classical aesthetic values of alignment, purity and balance in ballet. She believes teaching ballet it is not about transmitting knowledge, but enabling, challenging and nurturing dancers until they are more fully themselves, and better at what they do-whatever their age or background. She respects individuality and the risk each artist takes in class each day with no judgement.

Clare’s first job after graduating from 3 year teacher training at The Royal Academy of Dance in London was at Crystal Palace London, teaching body alignment to the Olympic high board diving squad with a continuous body conditioning ballet barre created by John O’Brien. At RAD Clare worked with Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest, the director of the Language of Dance Centre, London on Laban notation and used this research when teaching dance in Brazil, South America. Returning from Brazil Clare was inspired by John Blacking at QUB to study Anthropology with Ethnomusicology.

Clare worked with the highly skilled multidisciplinary team at Blackstone Physiotherapy and Sports injury clinic to develop a Barre Tone class. She also worked with Clare Guss-West at the RAD developing dance and lifelong wellbeing. She is now director of Ballet Retreats.

“I continue to develop my own relationship with dance and explore movement with the ageing body”