Chloe Commins

Vivid, enthralling and curious in a pint sized mould, an Irish Aerialist, Chloe’s love affair with aerial began in 2016, and since then her relationship with the solid metal circle otherwise known as an aerial hoop has gone from strength to strength, bruise to bruise.

In a short few years, Chloe has added the Devils Ribbons (Aerial Silk) to her repertoire and has flirted with apparatus such as Straps and Spiral. Pursuing her goal to become a pretzel and paired with an uncanny ability to find space for a split, Chloe incorporates fast spins, interesting transitions and an engaging narrative where she invites the audience to feel enraptured, astounded and mesmerised

Chloe has had the chance to train with world renowned coaches and to perform internationally and regionally.

Headshot Credit: Anton Privel

Performance Credit: Ste Murray