Camila Cordara

Camila is a dance artist from Argentina.

Camila started to dance Ballet and Jazz dance when she was a child at Escuela de Ballet Noemi Molinari (Noemi´s Molinari Ballet School) in Buenos aires,Argentina. She graduated from that school achieving an intermediate grade in ballet and Jazz Dance.

She then worked as a dancer at “Ballet Fusión” (the school's Ballet Company) Directed by Julia Kristeff, the repertory of this Ballet was mainly ballet and neoclassical choreographic pieces, as well as different ballet shows adapted for children. Camila worked in this company for many years (around 2010 to 2016) This ballet was hired by the council to perform at different events and to carry out a season of performances in different theaters in the Almirante Brown District (South of Buenos Aires City). 

In 2011 Camila joined the Towanda Dance Company directed by Sandro Mattos. It was a Contemporary Dance Company, who worked on the creation of contemporary dance choreographies based on the investigation of different topics such as historical accounts of Greek mythology, authors of poems and composers of autochthonous music. She participated as an interpreter in “Menades” and “Flor Morena”, performances that took place in different theaters in Buenos Aires (2011-2012)

In 2013 she entered through an audition to National University of Arts (UNA, Buenos Aires Argentina). In that university Camila graduated with a Dance Performer Degree, and there I also studied the Choreographic Composition degree.

In 2014 Camila was awarded with a scholarship for Broadway Dance Center (NY) given by Karina Teran (Dance teacher representative of said institution). 

In 2018 she was awarded a scholarship for the International Summer Dance Program at Point Park University (Pittsburgh, USA) given by Gustavo Zajac (Dance teacher representative of said institution). Camila was part of this program as a student during the summer of 2019.

In 2017 she started to work freelance in different shows productions.working as a dancer and choreographer in corporate events, brand activations and parties, being hired by different production companies.

In recent years, she has started to create her own show company for events, working with a partner in the choreography of different dance styles such as Jazz, Swing and Tango among others.