Aoife O’Keeffe

Aoife O’Keeffe is an Irish ballet and contemporary dancer and choreographer.

She started her training in her hometown of Clonmel, before continuing her studies at Firkin Crane, Cork, under Alan Foley, director at Cork City Ballet.  She regularly performed at Firkin Crane, as well as The Cork City Opera House, and Green Glens Arena.
Aoife moved to London where she was accepted for postgraduate studies in dance at the world famous and state-of-the-art Laban Studios, graduating in 2004.  In London, Aoife performed in prestigious venues such as the acclaimed Bonnie Bird Theatre, and Tate Modern, as well as performing at Wembley Stadium.  As a performer, Aoife toured the UK, Europe, and USA, where a lot of her own choreography was also performed.
Aoife has remained in demand as a teacher and choreographer, and has taught with and written for various groups throughout the UK.  She has taught dance at University of Sussex in Brighton, and while living in Brighton, she also ran a series of successful dance camps in various cities along the south coast of the UK as well as London, working with various age-groups, as well as teaching children with special needs.  Aoife has also taught for various groups in Ireland, including numerous schools; primary, secondary, and specialist.  
Aoife is the owner of the Clonmel-based dance company and school, AOK-DANCE, which specialises in ballet, contemporary dance, lyrical dance and contemporary ballet, and offers classes to girls and boys, as well as adults.  The school has a strong emphasis on choreography and creativity, with performances throughout the country.  A strong belief and ethos of the school, is to make dance accessible to all.  Aoife is also a certified teacher in Progressing Ballet Technique.