Aneta Dortová

A native of Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, Aneta is a percussive dance and music teacher and a performer based in Galway, Ireland.

Aneta is a percussive dance and contemporary dance artist. She started out as a street performer in 2015. Since 2017, she organized and tutored weekly sean-nós dance classes in Galway, performed and taught abroad at leading traditional dance and music festivals, and toured the EU and US with various music and dance ensembles. She is passionate about collaborating with other dance artists and musicians of any genre or training. For her, art is a tool for communication and a way of connecting with local communities. Since 2019 she has been training in contemporary dance. She is a graduate of MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from the Irish World Academy, University of Limerick, and of the Certificate in Music and Dance with a focus on contemporary dance technique.

Her personal percussive dance vocabulary includes body percussion and percussive dance traditions of Ireland, Canada, the United States, England, Scotland, and Spain. Her dance background is in Irish step dancing and sean-nós dancing. Rather than repeating fixed routines, she's improvising in real time accompanying the musician playing for her. While experimenting with adding more contemporary and diverse elements, it's firmly grounded in tradition and done so with respect. Her main expertise and focus are on teaching improvisation methods for step dancers and performing with live music.

Her contemporary dance training consists of release technique, improvisation, and somatic-based movement. She creates site-specific dance films addressing social issues related to inhabiting space. As a performer, she explores dance as a language and means of communication and honest interaction with audiences and communities.

Aneta constantly seeks collaborations with dance artists and musicians of any genre. She believes in the transformative power of dance and its potential to forge connections within and between communities

Head-shot by Elva Carroll