Anderson Do Carmo De Souza

Anderson is a dance artist and teacher currently living in Dublin.

Anderson  began his dance training at age 14, he took classes in different Regionals Styles from his country, Brazil, where he developed in this project his first steps as a dancer trained by Andrea Pivatto, Cristina Moreno, Fabia Vasconcelos, Mauro Rodriguez, Ricardo Scheir, Roseli Rodrigues, Ruben Terranova and Tony Oliver.

Image Copyright: Karla Holden

He continued his formal training obtaining a BA from University Anhembi Morumbi, São Paulo studying Dance Therapy, Anatomy, Dance Methodology, Methods and Materials in Teaching Dance, Advanced Technique and Pedagogy, Laban Movement Analysis, Jazz Dance Culture and Pedagogy, Theory and Methodology in Ballet Pedagogy, Fieldwork and Analysis Seminar in Ballet Pedagogy.

He also obtained a teaching degree in Drama and Performing Arts by University São Paulo.