Anatolii Liaskalo

Anatolii is a dance artist from Ukraine.

Hi, my name is Anatolii and I am a refugee dancer and choreographer from Ukraine.

I have been dancing since 4, starting as a folk dancer. Although I don’t have a degree in arts I have been dancing all my life taking part not only in various international master-classes, workshops and festivals, but also learning with various teachers and tutors in my city.

My style is contemporary, modern and jazz dance, contact improvisation and performance. I am also able to dance ballet, hip-hip choreography, jazz-funk, vogue, waacking, dancehall and house.

I have been in Contemporary dance theatre in my city (Dnipro, Ukraine) for 3 years, in Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company (Moscow, Russia in the season 2012-2013 before the war started), Opera De Amigos de Eivissa (Ibiza, Spain).

I have been teaching choreography 2013-2019 both children and adults. My last project as a performer was in December 2020. I haven’t been dancing properly for over 3 years.