Ali Clarke

Ali Clarke is a Bray based choreographer of dance and circus.

She explores the interface between public and performer by creating immersive and interactive performances influenced by a desire to reimagine the role of contemporary dance in society.

Ali is a recipient of the Next Generation Award from the Arts Council of Ireland as well as a number of other awards including an Arts and Disability Research Award (‘21), Chasse Theater and Podium Bloos Culture Award (‘19) Cafe Theatre Festival Jury Award (‘18).

Ali is also supported by Axis Theater as a Play:Ground recipient and by the Creation Artists trajectory for 21/22.

Ali is also the artistic director of the international dance and circus company KNOT Kollektiv with whom she creates work in the Netherlands and Germany. KNOT Kollektiv have been widely supported by the Dutch Arts Council, TanzNetz Freiburg and Cafe Theater Festival Utrecht.

Further Ali regularly performs with the Brussels based dance company Untamed Productions with whom she has toured Europe, Mexico and Brazil. Ali is a dramaturgic coach at the Lisbon based professional dance studies, Performact, where she supports the choreographic development of the students. She also offers partnering workshops and contemporary technique classes for students of the course. Ali’s work branches out from artistic work into the world of art production where she produces a number of independent dance and circus artists across central Europe.

Image Credits: portrait- Erik de Klerck and perf- Ewa Figaszewska