Ali Clarke

Ali Clarke is a contemporary dancer born in Wicklow, Ireland. In 2020, she received a Dance Ireland LaunchPad Award. Ali is the recipient of a 2021 Dance Ireland HATCH Award.

Having discovered a love for movement in her teen years she moved to The Netherlands in 2015 to pursue a degree in dance performance. Over the following 4 years, she studied in Tilburg where she came into contact with    different movement languages and developed a love for combining contemporary dance and circus.

During this time she formed the interdisciplinary company KNOT Kollektiv where she continues to work as choreographer and performer bringing together concepts of dance, circus, and participation. Her work with KNOT Kollektiv has gained the recognition of the Cafe Theater Festival Jury Prize 2017, the Cafe Theater Festival Onderzoekers Award 2018, and the Chassé Theater Cultuurfonds Award 2019. 

Alongside her creative work she has worked as a performer with Untamed Dance since 2018 where she performed in 'Raizes' and 'Devour' traveling to Mexico, Brazil and Germany among other places. Ali is a member of the artistic team at Performact Professional Dance Course in Portugal where she teaches and choreographs regularly. 

Ali is currently supported by an Arts Council Dance Bursary and is working closely with the Courthouse Arts Centre, and TanzWuchs Freiburg, Germany. She is active on social media at @knotkollektiv and @alibly and her website

Image Credits: portrait- Erik de Klerck and action shot: Jona Harnischmacher