Alex Vostokova

Alex Vostokova is a Russian\Irish movement artist.

She began her training in ballet and contemporary dance in Izhevsk, Russia before coming to Ireland where since 2017 she had been extensively involved with Dublin Youth Dance Company which facilitated her growth and development in contemporary dance. She continued her training in Berlin, engaging with street dance, circus and physical theater practices. 

In 2018\2019 she devised and performed original choreography at Emergence, serving as the first step towards making her own work. Having been mentored by Hannah Rogerson, she choreographed and performed “3 Sides to Shuji and why he’s all alone again” in November of 2021.

Upon her recent return to Ireland, Vostokova wrote, directed and choreographed “Tasting an Organised Dream” - a short film funded by Arts Council’s YPCE Bursary. She has danced in works choreographed by Liz Roche, John Scott, Simone O’Toole and Kate Haughton in Ireland and trained closely with Edivaldo Ernesto (Depth Movement) while in Berlin: all of which contributed to her creative and technical knowledge in contemporary dance and theater.

She looks forward to creating further work whilst maintaining her practises both in Ireland and abroad.