Anticipated Moment - Lucia Kickham, Patric Kickham

Between the peaks and the troughs of any waveform lies a period of exponential velocity. We live our lives in these periods, each of differing length, as we anticipate the next moment worthy of the label “event”

Contour - Mary Wycherley, Laura Murphy, Jürgen Simpson, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnin.

Weaving a thread of connection between dance, film and performance art, Contour explores the body as ‘landscape’ and a space in which autobiography is embodied in movement.

Toe Tales - Hazel Hodgins

A fragmented experience of reality, relationships; the body… To disunite the elements of dance is to allow an interpretation of the whole.

One Etunim - Morgann Runacre-Temple, Jessica Wright

Morning ablutions have never been so hard; gravity is on strike and time is indecisive.

Trip-Nós - Sibéal Davitt

Where two sessions collide with a few simple steps.