Gut-punch – How dance works on an audience

In Dance Ireland’s new podcast series curated and hosted by Rachel Donnelly, Oona Doherty and neuroscientist Francesca Farina (co-author of the book Why Science Needs Art) speak about ‘bodily memory’ and mirror neurons, and what this means for how dance acts on an audience.
In this episode in the Embodied Series, our guests discuss: what is the language in which dancers are communicating if not using words? Is it possible for a dancer to ‘transfer’ the emotional state they’re experiencing on stage to the audience? On what level does dance affect an audience; is it a bodily or a cognitive level?

Gut-punch – How dance works on an audience

Dance Talks: Your Next Move

Valuable listening for students of dance and parents alike, this talk hears perspectives from 6 dance artists at various stages of their careers and various dance genres with their advice on transitioning from second level to third level dance education and from full-time dance education into working professionally as a dance artist. The talk took place at Dance World on 15 Feb 2018.
The panel included: Zoe Ashe-Browne, Martin Lindinger, Elysia McMullen, Luke Murphy, Leah O’Connor, Marc Van Loon

Dance Talks: Dance Education Symposium

Passionate about dance being part of every child’s school week? Listen in to hear about programmes currently being delivered in schools, the incredible impacts dance has on these young people and to look at the next steps for integrating dance into classrooms in schools throughout Ireland.

As part of Irish Youth Dance Festival, a Dance Education Symposium took place on 6th July 2017 featuring a panel of dance education specialists including Toni Bravo (US) and Yvonne Young (Scotland) and Mags Byrne (Arts Council). This event was in partnership with IYDF, Dublin Youth Dance Company and Dance Ireland.

This talk is directly aimed at dance teachers at all levels, those teaching at primary and secondary school level, where students now have grown up entirely or almost entirely in the 21st century internet and smartphone culture. This talk may also be of interest to school teachers at both primary and secondary school level.


Dance Talks: The Choreographer’s Journey

Dance writer Rachel Donnelly interviews Philip Connaughton on the process of making his most recent work, Extraterrestrial Events, as it is about to be premiered at Dublin Dance Festival.  Lynnette Moran of Live Collision joins the conversation to offer the audience’s perspective.  Entertaining listening!

Dance Talks - Nacera Belaza And John Scott - DanceIreland - January 2017

John Scott in conversation with DI International Guest Artist Nacera Belaza on approaches to constructing work. This conversation took place at DanceHouse as part of a week-long workshop Nacera offered to the dance community in Dublin as part of Anna Kaszuba’s Mentored Residency Support Award awarded by Dance Ireland in 2016.

Dance Talk - December 2016 - Dance And Environment

Systemic environmental practitioner Sinead O’Connor and dance dramaturge Merel Heering are at the start of a long-term exchange in which they compare practices; their aim is to discover how both their professional fields deal with concepts like environment, sustainability, leadership and activism. They are looking for ways in which both fields can empower and strengthen each other and work towards shared goals alongside each other. They have so far included dance professionals, environmental managers and politicians in their dialogue. Dance Ireland has hosted two encounters Sinead and Merel have facilitated so far. This dance talk is a moment in which they will share their personal missions and the questions and insights they gained within this first exploratory phase of their shared research.

Dance Talks: Dance & Photography

This Dance Talks event is on the topic of Dance and Photography, and coincides with the launch of Moving On (what it means to dance), an installation at DanceHouse by photographer Sharon Murphy.

Sharon is in conversation with some of the key participants in the project. Together they explore through conversation the challenges and opportunities of working across disciplines and the impact and resonance of the project for the young contemporary dancers.

This talk was edited by Keisha Martin as part of her placement with us in February/March 2017 - MA Festive Arts Student at the University of Limerick.

Dance Talks: Dance Pedagogy

This talk took place in DanceHouse in June 2016 with speakers Zoe Patterson and Mia King on the topic of dance pedagogy, specifically focused on primary school education.