Urban Pulse - Ashlene McFadden

A rhythmic exploration of the sound textures and unique natural soundscape of Dublin city.

One Sided Coin - Deirdre Murphy

A physical description of an imbalance of power.

Precarious - Jonathan Mitchell

A man bursts onto a rooftop pursued by something unseen, but there is no way down – he checks his watch: he has sixty seconds to escape, but to where and from what?

Blind Runner - Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy,

A blindfolded runner and her guide race through a forest.

Spilling [Bodies] - Katrin Neue, milk|gyunyuu

Take a close look at the moment before and after and the moment in between.

Bi-Sector - Robbie Synge

One mind between two homes.

Anticipated Moment - Lucia Kickham, Patric Kickham

Between the peaks and the troughs of any waveform lies a period of exponential velocity. We live our lives in these periods, each of differing length, as we anticipate the next moment worthy of the label “event”

Contour - Mary Wycherley, Laura Murphy, Jürgen Simpson, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnin.

Weaving a thread of connection between dance, film and performance art, Contour explores the body as ‘landscape’ and a space in which autobiography is embodied in movement.