Impact: The Power of Art?

What does it mean to make ‘socially engaged’ art? Is all art socially engaged by default? Can a dance performance be socially transformative? In episode 3, Impact, Rachel speaks to Irish choreographer and performer Ruairi Donovan and theatre maker and activist Grace Dyas (THEATREclub) to consider how live performance and putting bodies on a stage can effect social and political change.

Borders: The edges of bodies

Recent research has shown that more than 50% of the cells in our body are not human. The non-human part is known as the ‘microbiome’ and is a growing area of research for scientists.
Episode 2 of our Embodied series, Borders, brings together Catalan choreographer Aimar Perez Gali and Ireland’s foremost microbiome researcher Dr. Gerard Clarke to talk about how shifting ideas around where our bodies end and begin can affect how we think about community and our connections with each other.

Gut-punch – How dance works on an audience

In Dance Ireland’s new podcast series curated and hosted by Rachel Donnelly, Oona Doherty and neuroscientist Francesca Farina (co-author of the book Why Science Needs Art) speak about ‘bodily memory’ and mirror neurons, and what this means for how dance acts on an audience.
In this episode in the Embodied Series, our guests discuss: what is the language in which dancers are communicating if not using words? Is it possible for a dancer to ‘transfer’ the emotional state they’re experiencing on stage to the audience? On what level does dance affect an audience; is it a bodily or a cognitive level?

Gut-punch – How dance works on an audience

Tanzmesse NRW 2018

See the full programme of performances and delegates from Ireland at this year’s Tanzmesse NRW.

Tanzmesse NRW 2018

Dance And Health Event - 26-27 April 2018

Bringing together dance artists, healthcare professionals and service users to explore the possibilities for dance in healthcare.

Dance Talks: Your Next Move

Valuable listening for students of dance and parents alike, this talk hears perspectives from 6 dance artists at various stages of their careers and various dance genres with their advice on transitioning from second level to third level dance education and from full-time dance education into working professionally as a dance artist. The talk took place at Dance World on 15 Feb 2018.
The panel included: Zoe Ashe-Browne, Martin Lindinger, Elysia McMullen, Luke Murphy, Leah O’Connor, Marc Van Loon