Starting the booking process & what we need!

Make a Booking

Call us on 01 855 8800 (Mon-Fri, 9-6pm) or email to make a booking.

What information do you need to make a booking?

To check availability please let us know:

  • Number in the group
  • Nature of the booking (as specific as possible eg. rehearsal, class, dance, theatre etc.)
  • Dates and times 
  • Size of studio
  • Resources requested (i.e. tables, chairs etc. – all subject to availability)

What are the insurance requirements?

Public Liability Insurance is required for all rentals.

The insurance must be of a value of €2.6 million and Dance Ireland must be named as a principal on the insurance (not DanceHouse, the venue).

What is the Cancellation Policy

Once confirmed, all bookings are subject to the following Cancellation Policy 

I’d like to run an Evening Class. How does that work?

All classes at DanceHouse are run by the individual teachers, who rent the space from Dance Ireland (we are the dance resource organisation that runs DanceHouse, which is one element of our programme. We put together a class brochure for all classes and they are listed on our website. All promotion is done by the teachers themselves, who are responsible for getting students in the door.

Contact Keith and Orla at for more information and availability. See here for our current protocols for evening classes as of October 27th 2021

Do you do classes for Children?

No. We run professional level classes for ongoing training for our members as well as a range of evening classes for the public. For children’s classes, we recommend the website for a comprehensive list of children’s dance classes and schools.