First Fortnight 2022

Dance Ireland, in partnership with Galway Dance Project and First Fortnight, have come together on this dance programme curated by choreographer Karen Gleeson and facilitated by Irish and international artists. 

This year, participants can take part in a series of workshops and events focused on dance and well-being. The events are open to all and will take place live in Dublin and Galway and online via Zoom.

Dance Ireland is the national dance development organisation, enabling people, places, ideas, communities and genres of dance to come together – to ignite action, provoke thought and for fellowship and fun.

"I am delighted and honoured to be onboard as curator for this year’s First Fortnight festival 2022, in partnership with Dance Ireland and Galway Dance Project. I have designed a programme of workshops, talks and lectures focusing on dance, wellness and well-being.
Communication and miscommunication, have heavily featured in my work throughout the years. Within the recent pandemic restrictions, we, as a society, have had to find new ways to communicate. This has had an effect on our relationships and on our mental health. The feeling of isolation and lack of connection has grown.
This programme is an opportunity to gain insight into different perspectives within the performing arts world, honing in on the dialogue between the shared experience versus isolation within the creative process. This programme aims to highlight not only the creative thoughts of the artist but to highlight the human side and the common struggle we all experience. I am so excited to learn from this incredible group of talented artists from different backgrounds and disciplines." -
Karen Gleeson

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Thursday 13 January: Dancehouse
Saturday 15 January: Galway Rowing Club

BeDance with Bernadette Divilly
BeDance is an invitation to meditate, to move our body mind, and to relate through playful dance exchange. It’s a good way to regulate our nervous systems and to work with each other, welcoming room for our cultural influences and our different movement practices. It allows for diversity of dance movement skills and abilities, suitable for all adults regardless of dance experience.
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Friday 14 January: Dancehouse
Saturday 15 January: Galway Rowing Club

With Hilde Elbers
Resilience is our ability to deal well with difficulties, setbacks, changes and stress. In short: we can 'rebound or bounce back’. Our resilience is largely determined by the Autonomic Nervous System. This system is like a personal surveillance team with one goal: protecting us from harm. In this workshop, Hilde takes you on an explorative journey through your body.  You will discover how your primal states look and feel like when regulated and deregulated and bask in the resilience that is given to all of us.
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Friday 14 January: Online 
Panic is part of the process - Performance Lecture
With Amanda Coogan
For this illustrated lecture, performance artist Amanda Coogan will explore endurance, duration and controlled instability in her work. The long durational aspect of her live performances invite elements of chaos; with the unknown and unpredicted erupting dynamically through her live artworks. The body as a site of resistance is the centrality of Coogan's work.
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Saturday 15 January: Dancehouse
Sunday 16 January: Galway Rowing Club

Lion Pride
With Selma Daniel
Lion Pride is a Creative Dance workshop, which explores joyful and spontaneous expression. We’ll use body movements, inspiring music, our imagination, and dance concepts, such as the relationships, connection and disconnection.
This is a group workshop for families, all ages and abilities are welcome, and children must be accompanied by an adult.
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Saturday 15 January: Online 
Aloneness and Wholeness - Panel Talk
With Amanda Coogan, Paula Clarke, Sander Verbeek and Mufutau Yusuf
This talk is an opportunity to gain insight into four different perspectives within the performing arts world, and understand more about the dialogue between shared experience and isolation within the creative process- the need for each other and the collective experience. The talk will focus on the human side of the creative process and the common struggle we all experience.
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