Returning Safely to Dance

DanceHouse Update

27 October 2021

Current capacities (allowing 7m2 per person)

CAPACITIES Small Studio Medium Studio   Large Studio   Resource Room  
Rehearsals. Operating as a professional workplace with social distancing and all other protocols in place. 8 18 25 12

Morning & Community Classes

8 12 18 N/A
Youth Dance Companies & Evening Classes. Operating as pods with max 6 per pod. 8 18 25 N/A


Further to this, DanceHouse will continue to operate its studios for professional rehearsals as a “workplace” with existing social distancing measures in place. However, as advised in the protocols for dance studios, dance classes will operate with a maximum of 6 and Youth Dance Companies will be required to operate as pods (see Sport Ireland's guidance here) whilst maintaining strict social distancing measures. Click here for DanceHouse Protocols as of today.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff, members, and stakeholders of DanceHouse is at the forefront of this planning process.

On 20 July 2020, DanceHouse reopened to professional practice in line with Government guidance and in compliance with the National Return to Work Safely Protocol (May 2020).

During this time, DanceHouse has been gradually reopening access for staff and all users of the space, with a focus on Health & Safety, social distancing requirements and increased hygiene protocols; and a particular consideration given to the safeguarding of young people and those considered at higher risk.

This plan is supported by a comprehensive review of our policies and procedures, and analysis of building access, capacity and Health & Safety protocols, and a risk assessment and mitigation check list that is applied to each studio booking, class or activity until further notice.