FAQ for Reopening DanceHouse

Some of your questions answered

We have compiled some frequently asked questions here for you, as you work towards working in Dancehouse.

You can also read our Phased Reopening Plan for DanceHouse here or go to our Studio Hire page for our Protocols for Bookings, Checklists etc.

Can I book studio space?
We are open for booking enquiries. Please email info@danceireland.ie or call us on 01 8558800 with your enquiry.

Will I need to give you more information when making a booking?
Yes. To ensure everyone’s safety, Dance Ireland is using a risk-based approach to all bookings, as advised by the Return to Work Protocol. You can read our protocols here which outlines what we both will need to do to ensure a safe place of work. You will be required to agree to these and to complete a Risk Assessment (see next Q).

I have been asked to fill out a Risk Assessment for my booking but not sure what to do?
Consider the ways you would have worked in the studio in the past which would have involved close contact between you and your dancers or you and your class participants.
Let us know how you are going to take a different approach to being in the studio which will allow all to work and take class in a manner that avoids close contact. Be sure to include how you will communicate your approach to your dancers to ensure all feel comfortable in the space.
If you have any questions about the Risk Assessment, call us and our Venue Officers will be happy to chat you through it. 

DanceHouse was closed when my residency was due to take place, what happens now?
We are in touch with all residencies that were unable to take place and these have been rescheduled.

I am planning for a future project. Will there be changes to the capacities of each studio?
Yes. We have revised our calculations as of February 2021 and will be working with a maximum number of people that can be in the studio based on 12.5 metres squared per person.

When will classes resume?
As of February 2021, restrictions permit for public classes to resume at level 2. 

Will face masks be obligatory to wear in the studio?
All users of DanceHouse must follow the guidelines to be set out by Dance Ireland for the safety of all. Current Government advice suggest that if participants / dancers are going to be in closer proximity than 2 metres, then face coverings should be worn and other precautions taken. Please wear a mask until you are in the studio. See hse.ie

Can I book the Resource room for a meeting or to do admin?
Yes. The Resource Room is available to pre-book for meetings (whole room) or individual desks. As this is a shared space, careful attention must be given to cleaning before and after use. Contact info@danceireland.ie for more information.

Members studio and Winging It. When will these programme elements restart?
The Members Studio is now open  - click here for details on how to book.

Unfortuantely it is not possible to restart Winging It under current Government Guidance.