Black Canvas

Dance Ireland welcomes dancer and choreographer Tobi Balogun as the curator of our October professional development programme as part of his Black Canvas initiative.

"It is important that Dance Ireland is truly representative of different cultures and styles within dance present not only on a global scale, but here within our communities in Ireland as well as being a safer space for diverse individuals to train and develop. It is important that these styles/cultures be considered valid and professional, not only to aid in the diversification of cultures and ensure that everyone has equal access to training that represents who they are and the direction they wish to pursue within their art in as well as ensuring that individual artistry is prioritised. This programme will platform teachers from within these styles as well as give the community the opportunity to get to know these amazing individuals and learn from them. Covering everything from foundations and cultural history, and music used within styles, to personal development, fitness and performance. Featuring teachers from the Irish afro-dance, hiphop and dancehall community.

The community collabs present an opportunity to inject some fun, fresh energy into the class through fusion of styles whilst getting to know other teachers from the community.

Classes and workshops are open to professional dancers and advanced level students (classes are open to all levels, no previous experience in styles needed)."

- Tobi Balogun, Black Canvas

Click on the date in the calendar below of the class you want to book for:

October 28th: Hip Hop with Nathan Evans
November 2nd: SK VYBZ Workshop with Kareen SK
November 14th: Breakin/Hip Hop Workshop with Tobi Omoteso
November 16th: Community Collab with Tobi Balogun 
November 23rd: Community Collab with Vithória Escobar