DI Commissioned Dance Films

Our curated films will keep you informed and inspired!

The Way Dance Moves Us In celebration of all the way we move and dance, our members sent us videos of them dancing in ways and places that expresses them and what dance is for them.


Closer By Fearghus
A duet of distance and surprising proximity between viewer and performer.


Urban Pulse by Ashlene McFadden
A rhythmic exploration of the sound textures and unique natural soundscape of Dublin city.


One Sided Coin by Deirdre Murphy
A physical description of an imbalance of power.


Precarious by Jonathan Mitchell
A man bursts onto a rooftop pursued by something unseen, but there is no way down – he checks his watch: he has sixty seconds to escape, but to where and from what?


Blind Runner by Jessica Kennedy, Megan Kennedy
A blindfolded runner and her guide race through a forest.

Spilling [Bodies] by Katrin Neue, milk|gyunyuu
Take a close look at the moment before and after and the moment in between.


Bi-Sector by Robbie Synge
One mind between two homes.


Anticipated Moment by Lucia Kickham, Patric Kickham
Between the peaks and the troughs of any waveform lies a period of exponential velocity. We live our lives in these periods, each of differing length, as we anticipate the next moment worthy of the label “event”.


Contour by Mary Wycherley, Laura Murphy, Jürgen Simpson, Siobhán Ní Dhuinnin.
Weaving a thread of connection between dance, film and performance art, Contour explores the body as ‘landscape’ and a space in which autobiography is embodied in movement.

Toe Tales by Hazel Hodgins
A fragmented experience of reality, relationships; the body… To disunite the elements of dance is to allow an interpretation of the whole.

One Etunim by Morgann Runacre-Temple, Jessica Wright
Morning ablutions have never been so hard; gravity is on strike and time is indecisive.


Trip-Nós by Sibéal Davitt
Where two sessions collide with a few simple steps.