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Communicating Dance
Over the course of one year, Dance Ireland partnered with 5 other EU dance organisations to develop a means to support dance artists and makers in the communication of their work.

360° - Building Strategies for Communication in Contemporary Dance (BSCD), involved a series of best-practice sharing meetings with the staff of the dancehouses, international communication experts and many dance practitioners at different career stages with diverse practices. With funding from the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, we undertook five of these meetings over the course of a year to look at the needs of the sector and investigate the best practice approaches to help bridge communication gaps.  

Read more about the programme here and view the website here


Dance Ireland HATCH Resident Maria Nilsson Waller
Dance Ireland’s Associate Artist Maria Nilsson Waller gives an insight into the creation of her new work created through her HATCH residency award.


This too solid flesh: dance in Ireland
This session took place on 08 December as part of Dance Ireland’s first conference, Perchance to Dream at DanceHouse.
Read the all notes frm the publication here


Sympathetic Resonance: Contemporary collaborations between music and dance
Presentation by Robbie Blake, Alma Kelliher and Michael Gallen


The Web for Dancers and Choreographers
Presentation by Mihaela Griveva