Residential Residency

Regionally based members can apply for a residency with us at DanceHouse.

Please note: This fund is closed for 2019 and will be available again in 2020 following an open call.

The Dance Ireland Residency programme exists to ensure that all dance artists can maintain a studio practice in high quality spaces.  However, from consultation with members, it has become clear that regionally based members find it difficult to access this programme at DanceHouse.  In order to address this in some way, Dance Ireland has set aside a limited fund which can be applied for at the time of applying for a Dance Ireland Residency.

For a regional artist, availing of a Dance Ireland Residency can enable them to engage with the Dublin community and scene, with DanceHouse, and with the Dance Ireland team, while also creating work in a high quality space away from the distraction of everyday life.  Dance Ireland will provide the studio space, as well as the support to the visiting artist to make the most of their time outside of the studio by connecting them with Dublin-based artists, encouraging attendance at other DanceHouse activities, as well as advising them on other events in Dublin that are taking place. 

This fund can also be applied for by Dublin-based artists who wish to involve a regionally-based collaborator in their residency.

Please note that this fund does not offer fees for undertaking the residency, rather the aim is to increase access to DanceHouse for regionally based artists, and to make that access as cost neutral as possible by offering a contribution towards accommodation, travel costs and per diems.

How to apply

  • The fund can cover any or all of the following: accommodation, travel costs, per diems. 
  • Application for Residential Residency Fund will comprise of applying for a Dance Ireland Residency (apply online here), plus completing the Residential Residency fund form
  • Please note that as the fund is limited all costs may not be met. However, this will be outlined at the time of negotiating the residency agreement and will not change once agreed. 
  • Please be realistic in your estimations of costs. 
  • This fund does not apply to already funded projects.
  • All applicants must be Dance Ireland members. To become a Dance Ireland member you must be either born or resident in Ireland. Learn more about memberships.


This fund is assessed by the Dance Ireland Executive on an on-going basis, and is awarded subject to eligibility of the applicant, feasibility of the proposal and need.  This opportunity will be offered until the funds have been completely allocated.  Dance Ireland reserves the right to close applications to this fund at any time.