European Dance Development Network

Dance Ireland is a member of the European Dance Development Network.

Dance Ireland is a member of the European Dance Development Network.

EDN is a network of trust and collaboration between European dance development organisations sharing a common vision regarding the development of dance art across borders.


CEO Sheils Creevey: Increasingly, we are hearing of our Members’ concerns regarding the future of touring at home and abroad. The Perform Europe project is a timely intervention to explore the possibility of touring across Europe, what it means post-pandemic and what the distribution of dance will look like in the future. It’s important that the voices of Irish dance artists are included in this research, and that our community gets involved in future outcomes and initiatives.


From dancehouses to dance development organisations. EDN has moved. It now stands for European Dance Development Network, inspired by the shifting landscapes in dance,

EDN is delighted to announce that the network has expanded its focus and changed its name from ‘European Dancehouse Network’ to ‘European Dance Development Network’. With this action, EDN recognizes that the network represents different kinds of organisations that contribute to the development of contemporary dance in Europe. Not all of them are building-based, but together we all share the same values and intentions for our sector. This is EDN in a shared movement towards more sustainable working conditions in the dance field and a more diverse, accessible, and equitable dance ecosystem: a meeting time and place for the interdependent, where centres turn to hubs, houses to spaces, doors are held open and the gatekeepers are making more keys. 

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EDN invites contemporary dance & performing arts professionals, artists, thinkers and sector representatives to join the online conference How Can We Move? Creating Equitable Spaces in Contemporary Dance.

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