Dance Ireland Programme Updates

Announcements and Opportunities

Over the last few weeks, we have all experienced many changes in our lives and approach to our artistic practice. 
Despite this, we continue to come together – now more than ever before - in a new way and share space online. Although not a replacement for coming together in-person, we can still have a sense of community  in this space, as we have experienced through our practices the past couple of weeks on Zoom hosted by Jamie Carter this week and Laura Murphy last week, ongoing practices with Maria Nilssson Waller in Facebook live, and our weekly Members’ Gatherings. 

During this time, we have been reviewing and re-imagining our programme in this changed environment to ensure a continuity in artistic practices and development, with an eye on the future too and the imperative to advocate for and invest in dance as an art form.

We are pleased to be able to share with you today some of the actions and programming we have put in place in response to the current situation: 

Alongside all of this, we are working hard to protect and ensure the stability of our precious resource for the dance community: DanceHouse. We can assure you that once government guidance allows, we will be open again as the vibrant creative space you know and love. 

In the coming weeks we will keep you updated on initiatives which will work to continue to progress our art form and support our community.

  • From Tuesday 5 May, we will be accepting applications for the HATCH 2020 award. The focus of this year’s award is to ensure resilience: investing in time to think, rebuild or reimagine creative processes in this period of recovery we are undoubtedly facing as a sector, and as a society.

    This year, we are offering four awards of €3,000 to invest in and support practice for established artists, and four €500 awards to early career artists to engage in mentoring and support. Full details here.
  • We are extending all memberships due for renewal since 1 March 2020 by 3 months. This will include all renewals up to and including 28 February 2021. New members who sign up before 30 June 2020 will also be able to avail of the 3-month extension. Read more about membership here
  • We are committed to honouring all contracts we have made with our dance artists, teachers and collaborators up to June 2020. During the coming months we will be reviewing and, in some cases, re-imagining our relationships with dance artists and our partners.
  • We are working with partners across the country, and internationally to ensure continued investment in artists and the development of the art form of dance. We look forward to updating you about these developments in the coming weeks. 
  • Our online offering of online practices will continue in the coming weeks with Laura Murphy next week on Wednesday and Thursday evening followed by Maria Ribo O’Malley the following week. Full details here.
  • We will continue to programme online Member Gatherings, as you have told us how it has been more inclusive, allowing more artists to connect across a larger geographic area.

We have witnessed and felt the impact that this coming together has created among the dance community as we share our current challenges, discoveries and support each other through this time. This coming together we have seen during this time is a testimony to the strength to the sector and the support that exists within it. Full details here.