Performance Platforms

Dance Ireland offers a range of platforms for dance artists to present their work and receive feedback at all stages of development.

Read more about <past performance platforms> such as Re-Presenting Ireland and Friday New Works.

First Looks

First Looks is a Dance Ireland showcase initiative in partnership with Dublin Dance Festival and Culture Ireland, of new Irish work in development which began in 2015.< First Looks is a platform for Irish and Ireland-based choreographers to introduce their work to new audiences, including international presenters, during the Dublin Dance Festival. The artists are selected through an Open Call and invitation process. 
In 2016 First Looks replaced <Re-Presenting Ireland> and was incorporated under the Originate programme of Dublin Dance Festival by director Benjamin Perchet.
Keep an eye on our News section for information on the next Open Call for this platform.

First Looks Programme 2016

Presented on Fridays 20 & 27 May
Laura Murphy & Rob Heaslip - You and me, and You
A new work by Rob Heaslip and Laura Murphy explores familiar patterns of behaviour in their partnership. They move through a series of misfires and misadventures eventually discovering that persistence is the only inspiration they need. You and me, and You invites you to become the third party in their relationship. 
Helga Deasy - When I’m here, I remember you 
Memory is not information stored somewhere in the brain. It is the whole of a person’s subjective experience, which is anchored in the body. Helga Deasy draws on deeply personal memories of people, places, melodies and movement patterns. These recollections evoke physical sensations that inspire an emotive and poignant movement language.
Presented on Saturdays 21 & 28 May
Maria Nilsson Waller - merry.go.round
What happens when you join another person’s orbit? How can you stay together when your paths are splitting apart? Repetitive loops and patterns form the foundation to merry. go.round. While questioning our understanding of the universe, this piece is about the complexity of human relationships – desire, proximity, timing, chance and faith.
Oona Doherty - Lazarus and the Birds of Paradise 
A distillation of Northern male youth and the fire of boredom. An attempt to raise the forgotten, disadvantaged stereotype into a Caravaggio bright white limbo. To make the smicks, the hoods, the gypsies, the knackers, into the birds of paradise. Episode one of Oona Doherty’s HARD TO BE SOFT – A Belfast Prayer in Four Parts. 

First Looks Programme 2015

Dance Ireland Associate Artist Catherine Young gave a First Look presentation of her new work Ultima Thule at DanceHouse as part of Dublin Dance Festival in 2015. This work went on to premiere at Firkin Crane in April 2016, and on to a highly successful run at Project Arts Centre.
Ultima Thule
“I am weary, my soul, my wandering has lasted too long, my search for myself outside of myself.” Carl Jung
Ultima Thule, inspired by Carl Jung's Liber Novus (The Red Book), presents a voyage of discovery into the psyche, exploring the road we take through life in search of soul and our quest to find home. This highly physical piece with an all-female cast of outstanding international performers, set to live percussion and voice, digs deep to find out what connects us, so that we can guide each other home.
Young, known for her thoughtful, engaging work that touches deeply with audiences, returns with this new work that questions life, humanity – its struggle and its beauty. Her choreography verges from the delicate to the primal.