Mentorship Award

An opportunity for an artist to access a studio residency with a chosen mentor at a key stage of their career.

The Mentorship Award is an opportunity for a dance artist to access a self-directed mentorship programme with a chosen international mentor at a key stage of their career.  The award available is for a maximum of €4000 with up to two weeks of studio residency in DanceHouse. It is possible for key elements of the mentorship to take place elsewhere, including internationally, within the resources of this award. You will be guided and supported by members of the Dance Ireland team while undertaking the proposed activity.

The 2019 recipient is Rachel Ní Bhraonáin who will be montored by Magalie Lanriot. Find out more HERE.

The aims of this award are:

  • To allow an artist to undertake a deeper exploration of identified aspects of their practice as a maker, dancer, or collaborator, rather than working towards a linear goal such as a finished piece or showing. 
  • To facilitate access to mentoring which a dance artist may not otherwise be in a position to access.
  • To provide a professional development opportunity for Dance Ireland professional members with a track record working within classical ballet, traditional Irish dance, contemporary dance, integrated dance or any other dance form such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin American, Fusion styles etc. 
  • To build a valuable working relationship with an international, experienced artist in their field of enquiry.

Previous recent recipients have been:

2018: Kate Haughton (mentor Diana Loosmore)
2017: Catherine Young (mentor Nacera Belaza).

See information on past recipients and their projects here.

How to apply


  • You should be a mid-career artist who is a current Performer/Choreographer member of Dance Ireland.
  • Individuals and companies/ensembles/collectives are eligible to apply, however all members of your group must be current Dance Ireland members.
  • Your chosen mentor does not need to be a Dance Ireland member.


  • The activity must take place in 2019 preferred dates must be outlined in your proposal.
  • Awards will be paid on receipt of an invoice request to the value of the amount requested in the budget submitted with the application.
  • Successful recipients must contribute to an evaluation process, which will include a written report.   
  • Successful recipients must acknowledge the support of Dance Ireland on any mention of this activity and any projects arising from this opportunity.
  • We aim to support proposals that best fulfil the aims and objectives of the award; however, Dance Ireland reserves the right not to award or divide awards (in response to proposals and as appropriate).  
  • Dance Ireland also reserves the right to suggest alternative mentors, where the proposal is strong, but the aims could be better achieved by a different choice of mentor.

Assessment process and criteria

All applications are subject to our internal shortlisting process. All eligible proposals are reviewed by a panel comprising executive, board and external expertise.
The assessment criteria are based on consideration of the following:

  • How well your proposal reflects the aims and objectives of the award
  • Confirmation that you have secured a mentor
  • That you have clearly identified the area in your practice you wish to develop
  • You have made a strong case that your identified mentor is relevant to and can make an impact on this area in your practice
  • Financial need
  • Feasibility of your proposal, within the context of available resources

Feedback on applications, successful and unsuccessful, will be available on request after the announcement of the successful applicants.
If you have any further questions, contact the Programme Manager, Louise, at