Design For Dance

A focused internship and open workshops through Autumn 2017.

This new addition to our programme will provide a professional development opportunity for all those with an interest in design for dance, offered in partnership with design focused dance company, Junk Ensemble, during the production period for their new work, Soldier Still this Autumn.

Open to the public, four workshop sessions with the show's design team will take place at DanceHouse from 6-8pm as follows:

Sound Design with Denis Clohessy - 14 September
Set Design with Sabine Dargent, - 21 September
Lighting Design with Sarah Jane Sheils - 05 October
Costume Design with Sarah Foley - 12 October

The Design for Dance internships will allow a concentrated, hands-on experience for an interested candidate.  Applications are now closed for the internship.  More more opportunities see here.