Dance Talks

Dance Talks: A regular fix of inspiration and creative conversation - discussing dance as it relates to other concepts and art forms.

Get your fix of inspiration and creative conversation with Dance Talks. With this programme we capture existing knowledge and create new learning by discussing dance as it relates to other concepts and art forms, while providing a space to make connections with like-minded people.

Free and open to all, the more diverse the audience, the better the conversation, so come and join the discussion! Documentation is available on our blog after the event so you can listen or read back over the discussion even if you couldn’t make it.
View the <2017 Programme of Dance Talks>.

2016 saw a programme of ten Dance Talks:
28 January: Making Art Work - With And For The Community
18 February: Screendance; small crew - great production
10 March: We're all hybrids now: interdisciplinary practice and spaces for performance
21 April:  Dance and Health
19 May: Dancing Digitally: embracing the digital world in a modern arts practice
23 June:  Dance Pedagogy; teaching the 21st century student
23 July: Dance for Parkinson’s with David Leventhal
22 September: Dance and Photography with Sharon Murphy
13 October: Site Specific Performance and Media Works
01 December: Dance and the Environment
We also finished off the year with a wonderful conference, ‘Perchance to Dream’ allowed us to end 2016 looking forward at our future. Read more about the conference.