Building the profile and voice of dance

Advocacy, leadership & professional development are at the heart of all that we do.

We work to enhance the understanding and appreciation of dance as an artform, to increase public engagement with dance and to boost levels of public subsidy for dance.

We are a  dynamic, vibrant, strategic organisation with a track record of successfully leveraging resources, entering into strategic partnerships and creative collaborations that benefit artists, engage audiences and provides Ireland with a significant dance advocacy & leadership development organisation.

We are advocating for dance through:

  • Representing dance artists during Covid
  • We build understanding and appreciation of dance and promote engagement with it.
  • We make the case for increased funding for dance with key funders and policy makers.
  • We empower and up-skill our members and those within the wider dance community to be confident advocates for their profession.
  • We lead the discussion to improve the living and working conditions of those working professionally in dance. 
  • We contribute research and positively influenced decision-making by government and policy-makers to advance the living and working conditions of professional dance artists.