What We Do

Dance Ireland is the representative body for dance in Ireland. We enable both professional artists and enthusiasts to achieve their creative potential.

Our bold ambition is for dance to be valued and vibrantly, actively and confidently part of people’s lives. Achieving this, we believe, would ensure a sustainable future for dance in Ireland and a credible career for those committed to dance as a profession. We exist to make this happen.

In 2006, Dance Ireland moved to a purpose-built facility, DanceHouse in Dublin’s north-east inner city. Operated under licence from Dublin City Council, DanceHouse has become nationally and internationally recognised as the home for dance in Ireland. A flagship dance hub, comprising six state-of-the-art studios, we also provide our community access to an Artists’ Resource Room for individual or group work, with archive, library and hot desk facilities, break-out spaces and smiling welcome. Having this resource has helped us hugely advance what we can achieve for dance.

We use all the opportunities afforded by DanceHouse, our own expertise and connections alongside those of our national and international partners to create a programme of work that engages the public and supports the professional, crossing the boundaries of age, experience and genre. As such we enable the development of dance as an art-form, as an activity to be accessed and enjoyed, as well as working to progress professional practice.

To that end, we offer dedicated support to our members who are professionals working in dance, movement and choreography currently or are aspiring to do so in the near future, and also to those who support and are connected with dance movement or choreographic work.

In Dance Ireland, we come together as a community of creative professionals, sharing a passion for dance and the resolve to make it the very best it can be.

                Dance Ireland embraces and values all forms of dance practice including but not limited to classical ballet, contemporary dance, traditional Irish dance, ethnic forms, somatic practices, social dancing and hybrid movement forms.

                We also recognise and welcome new ways of working in dance through interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary practice.

                We work to enable all those who share our love of dance, from the professional to enthusiast, to achieve their creative potential.

We achieve this  

  • By providing on-going professional training opportunities, including morning classes, workshops, masterclasses, and Healthier Dancer Programme led by national and international guest teachers which facilitates, supports and enable all dance artists to achieve their potential. 
  • Our professional development programme is focused on creating opportunities for all dance artists, working at all stages, to advance their own skills and artistic goals with supports and resources, including time, space and money that enable their creative practice to grow and flourish.   
  • Through DanceHouse, operated under licence from Dublin City Council, we provide a working home supporting all forms of dance. DanceHouse has grown into hub housing a range of activities from professional training & development, evening classes, Access & Participation, showcases, special events and rehearsals.
  • We offer dedicated support to our members who are professionals working in dance, movement and choreography currently or are aspiring to do so in the future, also to those connected with dance, movement and choreographic work.

Access & Participation Programme

Our Access & Participation programmes highlights the value of dance and movement in our daily lives by creating opportunities for people of all ages to engage with dance. We do this through a range of initiatives, including hosting Open Evening Classes, Taster Nights and International Dance Days; through supporting Macushla Dance Club, Dance for Parkinsons, Silver Swans, and Dublin Simon Dance Community; assisting Irish National Youth Ballet, Dublin Youth Dance Company, Emergence, Company B, and others to realise their creative potential and for fellowship and fun.