Moving Forward Together

Dance Ireland Strategy 2018 - 2023

Moving Forward Together articulates our bold ambition, values and priorities asserting the purpose and focus of Dance Ireland. 

Our strategy provides a roadmap for how we wish to grow our work and continue to enable dance artists to explore and develop to realise their full artistic potential, strengthening our position as the leading resource and advocacy body for dance in Ireland. 


is of an Ireland where dance is valued and is vibrantly, actively and confidently part of people’s lives.


To enable the development of dance as an art-form, a professional practice and an activity of interest by:

  • Expertly supporting all those working professionally in dance
  • Creating enticing opportunities for participation that transcend age, ability and access
  • Brokering connections between people, practices and place in Ireland and internationally
  • Inspiring confidence and encouraging curiosity about dance
  • Fostering an actively engaged and informed dance community
  • Being a strong voice for dance


We put the dance artist at the centre of all that we do. We respond to the needs and ideas of the dance community and take the lead in advocating for and exemplifying the conditions and environment in which dance will thrive as a profession, a practice and a passion.

Every day in our studios, people explore new ways to express themselves through dance. We encourage and champion that spirit of inquiry which seeks to learn, to grow, to try something new.  By doing so, we seek to build audiences for dance, inspire confident participation and progress professional practice.

We engage at home and abroad to forge the relationships, find the opportunities and create the connections that inspire dance artists and our programme. We enable people, places, ideas, communities and genres of dance to come together - to ignite action, provoke thought or, simply, for fellowship and fun.

We combine a breadth of experience and a depth of expertise with artistic insight and practical understanding.  We share what we know generously and create opportunities for others to develop and share their knowledge and skills too, in and out of the studio.

We embrace all forms of dance and are for all those who love dance: professional or participant. We are open to new ideas, new ways of working and new collaborations. We aim to be honest and straightforward in all our dealings and actively seek feedback.


To build the profile of dance and be a leading, expert voice advocating for the dance profession and the art-form.

To build and strengthen relationships that deliver on our ambitions and those of our members.

To work with dance artists at all stages of their career to support their artistic and professional development.

To champion and facilitate the development of new work, new ideas and new ways of working.

To ensure our future as a well-managed, well-funded and well-governed organisation.

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