Open Call Tipperary Dance Platform: Hotspot Laboratory

Tipperary Dance Platform’s cutting edge international contemporary dance festival is a festive celebration for dance and a resource platform for professional dance artists.

The TDP’20 Hotspot Laboratory is supported by Tipperary Dance Platform and Dance Ireland. In partnership with Dance Ireland festival MilanOltre (Italy), Trois C-L (Luxembourg), TenerifeLAV and Teatro Victoria (Tenerife), the Hotspots LAB creates a safe environment to gain experience in your dance practice, and to network.

TDP’20 Hotspots LAB is a transnational concept that seeks to open interaction with new physical spaces through digital media. The H-LAB aims to feed a contagious form of seeding cultural exchange, exchange of knowledge and experiences, despite COVID-19-related mobility restrictions and gathering restrictions.

TDP considers dance as a language, a space of knowledge that needs to be shared. The LAB is a creative laboratory space for dance artists, an embodied experience that carries beyond skills training, enabling, and expanding discussions on topics related to the place of our bodies in our societies.
TDP’20 will use the digital as a space of expansion, contention, and participation. As an alternative to the increasing presence of ‘on-demand’ services, TDP’20 wants to build spaces, relationships, groups that offer a true sense of shared experience.

The TDP'20 LAB will take place in several 'HOTSPOTS' studios in Europe: Each hotspot will host a group of 6 to 10 dancers maximum, to reduce exposure to COVID-related risks. Each group will be mentored by an experienced artist:
- Excel Arts Cente, Co.Tipperary, Ireland
- DanceHouse, Dublin, Ireland
- MilanOltre festival, Italy
- Trois C-L, Luxemburg
- Teatro Victoria, Tenerife

Participating: is this for you?
The Bursaries are for professional contemporary dance artists and dance graduate students.

The LAB in the two Irish hotspots (Tipperary and Dublin) is only accessible through the bursaries application process.
To be eligible for a bursary, you must fulfill the following conditions:

- You are resident in Ireland, and will not travel to a foreign country in the two weeks preceding the LAB.
- You are a professional contemporary dance artist or dance graduate student.
- You commit to follow the entire LAB.
- You acknowledge the reality of the current epidemic and the associated risks. You commit to follow Health & Safety guidelines put in place by public authorities and by the organizers of the LAB.


To apply and find out more CLICK HERE