National Dance Residency Partnership Recipient: Alessandra Azeviche

About the National Dance Residency Partnership 

The NDRP is a partnership between Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Dance Cork Firkin Crane, Galway Dance, and Tipperary Dance to provide a networked support to choreographers in the production of new dance work. By coming together, the partners acknowledge that our collective infrastructure and resources can go further and encourage more ambition in the dance sector. 

We are delighted to announce that this year's recipient of the award is Alessandra Azeviche.  

Each partner is contributing financially and with in-kind space which will allow for six weeks of rehearsal time across the country. This award includes a financial award of €10,000 to support the residencies and invest in the development of the new work, and a bursary for the successful choreographer to attend Tipperary Dance International Festival, and the time and support of artistic staff. 

Through this award, it is our intention to open up the model of making dance work in Ireland by de-centralising opportunities throughout the country, whilst building networked production models supported by a strong partnership infrastructure. 

NDRP & Alessandra Azeviche 

“It's a big honour to be selected for this partnership as it helps me to connect my debut solo dance piece, Terra, with new communities around Ireland. I'm excited to see how they respond to my work and how that influences my creative choices. The piece is still evolving as it connects my present self & my ancestry with my surrounding, rich Irish influences that I can't wait to soak up more of at the partner hubs of Limerick, Cork, Tipperary & Galway. There I'll be engaging with local practitioners and workshopping my piece which will be debuted at Dublin Fringe festival 2024.” - Alessandra Azeviche 

About Alessandra 

Alessandra Azeviche is an Afro-Brazilian dancer, Capoeira performer & instructor from Salvador, Bahia – home to the largest African diaspora population & Afro-Brazilian culture. Her practice is rooted in body movement to promote connections and cultural education. 

Since moving to Ireland in 2015 she has established herself as an ambassador of Afro-Brazilian culture, working with choreographers Catherine Young, John Scott & more as well as Dublin City Council, Axis Ballymun, Carlow Arts, Dublin Fringe Festivals & the Brazilian Embassy, and is a board member of Dublin Dance Festival & associate artist with THISISPOPBABY. 

Leading her dance groups Quilombo Terra (the first Afro-Brazilian Arts performance group in Ireland) & Natural Rhythm, Alessandra has performed at major festivals sharing rhythms & dances that developed from her roots that echo the resilience and beauty of indigenous communities. Alessandra is working increasingly in contemporary arts performance dealing with themes of de-colonisation & intersectionality.