Mentored Residency Award

Earlier this year, we put out an Open Call for applications for our Mentorship Award.

Mid-career Dance Ireland Performer / Choreographer members were invited to apply for this award which would give them an opportunity to access a self-directed mentorship programme with a chosen international mentor.

We are pleased to annouce the Mentorship Award recipient is Rachel Ní Bhraonáin. She will be mentored by Magalie Lanriot, a dance and Vertical Dance artist based in Lisbon, in November 2019. Her training in Shiatsu focuses her practice on effective use of muscularity, opposing forces and intelligent alignment. We also look forward to having Magalie teach morning class 4-11 November.

Rachel intends to focus on her personal movement quality, research practice and to develop her choreographic skills. Her dance practice is informed by her aerial training, particularly Vertical Dance (dancing while suspended by harness, usually against a wall). She will  do further research into how Vertical Dance translates to ground dance. '


Rachel is a performer, choreographer and movement director based in Ireland. She works with dance, aerial and writing, with a keen interest in dance on screen.

Her work focusses on story telling, making the Political personal and combining art forms.

Her interdisciplinary approach comes from her own varied experience as a physical performer on stage, on screen, on the side of buildings, suspended from a crane and with intimate, immersive, multidisciplinary shows. Roles have involved contemporary and commercial movement, embodying creatures, characters, speaking parts and performing aerial rope, trapeze and harness.

From 2011 -2018 she trained and worked in London - touring occasionally around the UK and Ireland. In September 2018 she relocated to Waterford where she began developing her first full scale show. 


Magalie is a Choreographer, Dancer, and Teacher with training in contemporary and aerial dance. She works at the University of Lisbon and as a teacher in the Olga Roriz’s company for the F.O.R. Dance Theater in Lisbon.
The University of Lisbon has been her partner since 2018, supporting initiatives such as: Intensive Courses, International Meetings, Artistic Research for Performances.

She performed with Gravity and Levity in Rites of War- UK Tour 2014, created by Lindsey Butcher and Darshan Singh Bhuller. In 2017 and 2018 she participated in a Vertical Dance residency with Wanda Moretti, Lindsey Butcher, Fabrice Guillot and Kate Lawrence.

Since 2017 she's taken part in the Vertical Dance Forum, which includes Fidget Feet Aerial (Ireland), Gravity & Levity (UK), Il Posto (Italy), Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence (Wales) and Retouramont (France). This network of professionals aims, through its actions and meetings, to strengthen the identity and visibility of Vertical Dance.

She is also annually invited to teach at the European Aerial Dance Festival in Brighton, the Santa Barbara Aerial Festival in California and the Rencontres de la Danse Aérienne in France. She is a graduated dance teacher of Epse Danse in Montpellier, a school certified by the
French Ministry of Culture. 

She regularly teaches dance around Europe and the USA .