Sheila Creevey, International Dance Day Message

There is an official theme or messaging for International Dance Day.
It centres around reflection and resilience.

For me, however; what I would like to talk about is Community.

This month, I am one year in my role as CEO of Dance Ireland. And this has been a personal point of reflection. To step back, to look back and to gather strength to move forward.

Here at Dance Ireland, we have been through numerous cycles of reflection and review.
We have considered consistency and stability, ensuring a measured and meaningful response to the crisis we have faced.

We have worked to rebuild and recover, remaining resilient and accepting that change will happen. We have also supported artists to reimagine, the art form to evolve, and our community to respond to a very changed environment.

Things HAVE changed in the past year, and I’ve learned so much.
But I have been inspired by the leadership shown by all of you.

- You have supported each other, as a community

- You have spoken out with confidence and stood up for what we need, as a community

- You have pushed forward, and raised ambition for each other.

On International Dance Day, we celebrate our community.

We gather together. We share our danced responses. We reflect and rejoice in each other and the art form that connects us. And we move forward, together.

I have no doubt that this next year will be a challenge for us all.
I am inspired by this community. By your passion. By your energy.

Thank you for all you have done.

Things are changing – and I can confidently say, working with all of you, there are better days to come.

Sheila Creevey
CEO, Dance Ireland