We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Dance Ireland HATCH Awards.

HATCH is a flagship award within our programme, which aims to encourage ambition, experimentation, and creative breathing space. How the award has evolved over the past few years has also supported artists to connect with each other, nationally and internationally, encouraging a strong networked sector for professional dance in Ireland. – Sheila Creevey, CEO, Dance Ireland

In 2020, in response to the changes brought about by the pandemic, we reimagined the shape of our Hatch Award to encourage resilience, connection and creative breathing space. We have continued with this offer since then in recognition of the diverse needs of artists at different stages of their practice and career within our dance ecology.

The awards focus on investing in time for artists to think, reflect on and reimagine their creative processes, make connections with other artists; and will provide an enhanced opportunity for one dance artist to experiment, collaborate, and seed and develop a new work. There are three strands to the Hatch Awards: Hatch Mentoring Award, Hatch Artistic Research Award and Hatch Creation Award.

Hatch Mentoring Award

Ruaidhrí Maguire

“I am delighted to be receiving Dance Ireland’s HATCH Mentorship award. Having the opportunity to work closely with a mentor offering guidance, support and feedback as I prepare to embark as a resident artist with Galway Dance Project will be invaluable. With plans to work on a new neoclassical creation ‘Where Two Paths Meet’, the mentorship will provide me a sounding board for my ideas and how to approach building a cohesive narrative, refining my choreographic vocabulary and developing my artistic vision. Their experience and expertise will guide me as I begin exploring the limits of my choreographic practice.”

Image Credit: Krzysztof Mystkowski

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Rosie Stebbing

“I am delighted to receive the HATCH mentorship award, and plan to use it as an opportunity to develop and clarify my choreographic methods and overall artistic vision. I also intend to make use of the mentorship to lay out a plan for moving forward through the next few years of my career as an emerging dance artist with confidence and focus.”

Image Credit: Paula Trojner

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Aneta Dortová

Aneta will look into the available ways of re-entering the dance sector after the pandemic, relocating to Limerick, two years of studying, and a recent shift in her artistic focus. She will use the time with the mentor to address issues related to looking for work, connections, and applying for fundings and residencies. She will also focus on establishing a system to help with her day-to-day time management to improve her work-life balance.

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Hatch Artistic Research Award

Alessandra Azevedo

“With this award, I’m excited to research ‘Afro-futurism’, put simply “a way of imagining possible futures through a black cultural lens.”

Colonisation has taken concepts, knowledge & technology from Africa, and Afro-futurism is a way of reclaiming them - It’s an area which has been explored through music, cinema & literature, less so through dance.

I’m going to spend time exploring this new territory with a collaborator to see how I can integrate some of the concepts & style, alongside a new technological approach to my future work.”

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Michael McEvoy

Michael's plan for his Hatch Award is to research a new children’s show ‘If I were a fish’. 

This new contemporary dance work is being researched as a solo and will look into how dance could explore the complexities of identity and self expression. Diving into a world of imagination and play; this new work hopes to inspire young people to celebrate what makes them all unique.

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Ailish Claffey

“I am interested in how we are reflected in nature, and nature is reflected in us. I have spent the last year as the artist in residence at The Acre Project, Celbridge, and this has ignited a love of and appreciation of the natural world. This award will support me to bring this idea into the studio as a starting point, investigating new ways of moving and working."

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Hatch Creation Award

Rocio Dominguez

"Two people meet on a plane and wonder,
where do we go when we leave?
The flight is the transition."

With the support of the Hatch Creation Award, Rocio will develop her new work “Don’t stop and you won’t notice”, in collaboration with visual artist Jairo Alvarez. The concept of the piece surrounds the idea of “Vuelo”, the Spanish word for flight. It explores the flight of planes, birds, airports, nests, and notions derived from there: belonging, distance, and home.

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