Dance Ireland Staff Announcement

This week we welcomed Catriona Fyfe to the team as she takes over the role of  Membership Engagement Officer, from Friday 5 February, while Andrea Bolger is on maternity leave.

Catriona is an arts administrator with a background in performance and dance education. She has an MA in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. Catriona currently teaches graded and vocational RAD ballet in Dublin, and is passionate about all things performing arts. She is thrilled to be joining the Dance Ireland team. She is looking forward to supporting artists in developing the artform that she is most passionate about, and helping form and strengthen bonds between Irish artists and Dance Ireland. 

We welcome all DI Members to meet Catriona at our Members' Meeting on Wednesday 27 January at Noon

In Conversation with Catriona

As someone who has dance as part of their life since childhood, what is your memory of your first dance encounter?
I have a vivid memory of my mum taking me to sign up for ballet classes in the local community centre. It was spring and there were no spaces available until that September, but when I saw the other little pre-dancers coming out in their pink leotards and ballet skirts I just had to be one of them. It was worth the wait!

To date, what has been your most memorable dance experience?
Dance has given me the opportunity to travel; I was lucky enough to teach dance and choreograph full-length musicals at a traditional American summer camp in Maine in 2013. I also enjoy attending ballet classes abroad when I can - it was inspiring to take class at Broadway Dance Center in New York!

Tell us about the most memorable performance you have seen:
‘Natalia Osipova and Friends’ at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2016. This was just full of really creative, interesting pieces of choreography- one that stands out in my memory was a humorous 1960’s themed piece to ‘Give Him a Great Big Kiss’ by the Shangri-Las. It was fun to see Osipova and other brilliant classical artists perform something with a much more relaxed feel.

As a teacher, what do you most want to pass on to your students:
I want to help my students realise that dance isn’t only for vocational dancers - everyone can benefit from the joy of movement and music. I hope to encourage young students who might not pursue careers in the performing arts to become enthusiastic audience members or recreational dancers in adulthood, understanding how the arts can enrich their lives.