Dance Ireland Residency Recipients SS 2024

Dance Ireland is pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring/Summer 2024 Dance Ireland Residency awards. 

Following an open call, we are pleased to announce the recipients of the Dance Ireland Residency programme for Spring/Summer 2024. The Dance Ireland Residency Programme exists to support dance artists to create new dance work, engage in artistic research, and maintain a studio practice. Residencies are aimed at non-funded artists or projects. We offer support through wholly subsidised studio space at DanceHouse, Dublin.

Read more about the recipients and their plans below. 

Rosie Stebbing

Rosie Stebbing is a contemporary dance artist who is interested in theatricality, surrealism and unusual physicalities. Her work as both a dancer and a maker explores ideas of mortality, transformation and otherworldliness through poetic physicality and storytelling.

Learn more about Rosie and her plans here. 




Roberta Ceginskaite

''for the world we're after'' is a collaborative imagination of the world we're looking for. It is the measurement of the distance between what is and what could be. For this week, we'll be working on the dance partnering material for the duet.

Learn more about Roberta and her plans here. 



Róisín Whelan

Roisin will be spending her time at Dance Ireland developing themes, concepts and ideas around creating her first full length, solo work.

Learn more about Róisín and her plans here. 







Alex Vostokova

Driven by anthropological and sociological concepts, my work bridges the gap between emotive embodied practice and a visual component that often evokes a sense of surrealism. I am motivated by not choreographing ‘well’. By welcoming the raw, the tender and the playful.

Learn more about Alex and her plans here.




Adam O'Reilly

Adam's current work is a reflection of the times, particularly from the perspective of the young person. Adam believe's a lot of progressive change and conversations are being pioneered by youth led voices for a youth led objective and he believes offering a look into the humanity of these objectives is vital to taking these conversations outside of only the political spheres and further into societal talking points. through dance, Adam's work aims to evoke a human reaction to the lived experience of the young person/ person's of Ireland. Learn more about Adam and his plans here.

Yves Lorrhan Silva Santos

Insider the Men` investigates the impact of unbalanced masculinity and patriarchy on the contemporary male body and society. Bodily experiments lead to a revealing performance challenging stereotypes. Let's reconsider societal expectations & prompt reflection on diverse expressions of masculinity.

Learn more about Yves and his plans here.



Cindy Cummings and Rhona Coughlan

Cindy Cummings and Rhona Coughlan are in residence at Dance Ireland (8-12 July) embarking on a new solo dance theatre work for Rhona. This engimatic paring invite you to come to their New Movements sharing on Friday the 12th of July.

Learn more about Cindy and Rhona and their plans here.









Ailish Claffey and John Galvin 

With a keen interest in agency in performance and the natural world, Claffey explores subtle meeting points, consciousness and presence within an embodiment sensory practice.

Learn more about Ailish, and her collaborator John, and their plans here.