Dance in the Digital World

As part of our Autumn Programme, we have launched a series of Digital Encounters for you to engage with as we continue to adapt to the future. 
Dance in the Digital World explores the possibilities, and opens up conversations, for presenting your work with digital technologies in both live and online contexts.
All sessions are free and will take place on Zoom for Dance Ireland Members.

During the last several months we have been working with you, our Members and our colleagues, to support the sector, the business of dance and the art form in response to the current crisis. 

As we move forward, we will continue to do this as we progress actions out of our Think Tank sessions, connect through our Members' Meetings  and Support Sessions. Moving forward also means that change is upon us as we re-imagine and evolve the way we work in our current environment. 
With change, opportunities follow. 

Join us to be part of the conversations, learning and inspiration that comes with new ways of working.

Dance in the Digital World Encounters

Member’s Forum: Dance Encounters 
4 September, Noon
We open with a Member’s forum to share experiences and explore attitudes, with contributions from John Scott, Adrienne Brown and Rita Marcalo on online festivals, screendance and adventures in augmented reality.
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Finding the Fun: using technology in interactive performance
with Tim Casson (UK)
23 September, 2-4pm

From The Dance WE Made to Choreocracy, choreographer Tim Casson, and his company Casson & Friends, have used technology to develop interactive performance since 2012. In this encounter, Tim will discuss his use of technology from using the tech in your pocket, to a touring wi-fi based laser show and back again! 
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Blurring the Boundaries: blending live and digital work
with Mary Wycherley (IRE)
21 October, 2-4pm
In this encounter, choreographer and curator Mary Wycherley, will unpack and explore the structures, dramaturgy and technology involved in bringing dance into installation and non-traditional performance spaces. 
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