Dance Counts Survey

Help shape the future of dance.

Our aim, in Dance Ireland, is to be a leading voice in advocating for the dance profession. Working with partners and colleagues across the island of Ireland, we are undertaking this survey, Dance Counts, to help us get a better sense of who we are advocating for – who works in dance, and what their work is like.

This survey therefore seeks to ‘count’ dance, so we are better placed to make the case that dance counts.

We are encouraging everyone who works with in, with, or for dance artists and productions on the island of Ireland, to complete this survey.  (This includes those who are making, performing, producing, engaged in technical, management, collaborating, or any work that is related to dance.)

This survey questions ask:

•    About you
•    About your professional practice
•    About your working and living conditions

Whilst we do want to find out more about the characteristics of people working in dance, we do not seek to identify individuals from our questions, and we will not ask your company or personal name, will not share data beyond the Dance Counts research team (Dance Ireland and our academic research partners), and will not report results in a way which would be able to identify individual respondents. All data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and your participation is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time.

We will use your responses as the basis of a new Dance Counts report, and we will share findings to build awareness and understanding of the dance sector amongst key arts and culture stakeholders and wider publics, to inform future policy making in both jurisdictions, and to support academic research in the field of dance.

Take part in the Dance Counts Survey HERE