Covid-19: Level 3 Response- Update 4 Dec

Update- 4 Dec

Dance Ireland welcomes the change to allow individual training in dance to go ahead at Level 3 and are seeking clarification from the department before we proceed with any changes.

Our goal is to ensure the return to dance is safe and we are working with the Arts Council and the Dept of TCASM to ensure this.

We hope to be able to update you all next week and look forward to the announcement of the Arts Council’s guidelines on dance as well as the publication of our own guidelines for professional dance (which are going through the approval process at the moment.)

Covid 19: Level 3 Response- 1 Dec

Following the Government’s announcement on Friday 27 November that Level 3 restrictions are now in place, DanceHouse will re-open on Tuesday 1 December. This move to close will be re-evaluated and informed by the Government's next Covid-19 announcement on restrictions in approximately six weeks’ time.

In line with our 5 Level Covid-19 Response Plan DanceHouse, under Level 3, will now be open for:

Please contact us at if you have any questions about working in DanceHouse.

During this time, dance artists can continue to progress their professional development through:

Keep an eye on our website for further opportunities. We are here for you.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff, members, and stakeholders of DanceHouse is at the forefront of all our planning and decisions making.

Since the 13 March 2020 Dance Ireland’s Covid-19 responses have maintained a focus on Health & Safety, social distancing requirements and increased hygiene protocols; and a particular consideration given to the safeguarding of young people and those considered at higher risk.

All of Dance Ireland’s plans are live documents which are supported by comprehensive reviews of our policies and procedures, and analysis of building access; capacity and Health & Safety protocol with a risk assessment and mitigation check list applied to each studio booking, class or activity until further notice.