The board of directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance which guides the organisation in its professional conduct.

The board of directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance which guides the organisation in its professional conduct. The board has embarked on a journey of full compliance with The Governance Code as a Type C organisation and website compliant to Standard A on the Governance Transparency Scale.

Dance Ireland, is the trading name of the Association of Professional Dancers in Ireland Company Limited by Guarantee (registration no 189346), with charitable status (CHY No 16193).

Overseen by a non-executive board and employing an executive, Dance Ireland is a national membership resource organisation supporting all forms of dance. Serving the best interests of a membership, the wider dance community and the general public, we provide professional development programmes, management of DanceHouse (on licence from Dublin City Council), Access & Participation initiatives and work locally, nationally and internationally.

The board has developed its Governance Framework, which consists of a suite of documents setting out the policies and procedures, guiding how we conduct our business, and fully comply with the standards set out in the Dance Ireland Principles of Good Governance.

Financial Controls and Reporting 

Dance Ireland operates within strict financial procedures and maintains detailed records of accounts. Dance Ireland is fully transparent in all of its financial activities and reporting. We are in the process of incorporating Charities SORP (FRS 102) reporting into our annual audited accounts.

Latest Audited Accounts (2022)
Latest Annual Report (2022)

The board has established three committees to support its on-going work:  

  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Fundraising Committee 

Standards in Fundraising Practice 

Dance Ireland is fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the ICTR Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising to ensure full accountability and transparency to all our donors. Click here to view the Statement in full.

Donor Charter 

Dance Ireland pledges to treat all of its donors with respect, honesty and openness. Donors and perspective donors can be assured that we are accountable and transparent in all our dealings, using donations for their intended purposes in support of our artistic and creative aims and objectives.  


Dance Ireland is open about whether those seeking donations on our behalf are employees, board, volunteers or third party agents. We will ensure that all donors and perspective donors are aware of their status, and also fully informed of how donations are used in supporting our artistic and creative aims and objectives.

The salary for the Chief Executive is €70,000, plus a 5.5% ER pension contribution.  

Feedback and Complaints Procedure 

Dance Ireland is committed to ensuring that all communications and dealings with members, participants, supporters, stakeholders and the general public are of the highest standard. We pledge to listen and respond to all views. We welcome and value all feedback.
Our Feedback and Complaints Procedure is here

Operating Policies and Procedures

The board is committed to maintaining transparent systems, informed by coherent policies and procedures, and to reviewing these on an annual basis:

Conflict of Interest & Conflict of Loyalty Policy

Dance Ireland Reserves Policy

Risk Management Policy 

Dance Ireland Membership Terms & Conditions 

Health & Safety Policy 

Child Safeguarding Statement & Child Safeguarding Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy 

Dance Ireland Privacy Policy

Legal Information

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy

Feedback and Complaints Procedure