Weekly Wellness Class: Classical Pilates with Vlada Korolova

Every Wednesday from Wed 8 Feb 2017 - Wed 1 Mar 2017
12:00 - 13:00
€5 DI Members / €7 Non-Members
Aimed at professional dancers, teachers of movement modalities, gymnasts, and advanced level students, however all are welcome.
Vlada Korolova

About Vlada’s Class

Learn how to really take care of and preserve your dancer’s body in the best way possible in order to execute everything you demand of it on a daily basis through the use of Authentic Pilates Method.

You will learn a Classical mat work routine and traditional Pilates techniques for bodies in motion. Each week we will progressively explore areas like stronger centre for better movement, safer back bends and healthier hips. What is taught in the class can be taken into the body and be utilised throughout each dancer's movement helping you with balance, control, finesse, strength and flexibility from head to toe.

‘Pilates is a flowing motion outward from a strong centre.’ - Romana Kryzanowska

Authentic Pilates Method, traditional classical techniques developed by Joseph & Clara Pilates, and direct disciple of Joe Pilates - Romana Kryzanowska.

Practical Information

What is the format? The main part of the class is performed on the mat. However, do expect to stand and move gracefully around the studio. 

What to wear?  Yoga, Ballet or gym gear; Socks or Barefoot.

What to bring?  A towel to provide soft cushion to the spine is advised but not compulsory.  Please bring a mat if you have one, Dance Ireland also has a limited number available to borrow. 

Who is it for?  Aimed at professional dancers, teachers of movement modalities, gymnasts, and advanced level students, however all are welcome.

About Vlada

Vlada is the first instructor to bring full traditional Pilates Method from NYC to Dublin. Vlada moved to New York to specifically study Pilates from its original Romana’s Pilates School where she underwent 2 years of comprehensive training and a rigorous 600 hour apprenticeship. While apprenticing at True Pilates New York Studio she worked with and observed dancers from the biggest companies of New York (Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham) benefitting from Authentic Pilates Method.

Originally a graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology (BSc Leisure Management 1.1) Vlada has over 11 years of experience in personal training/fitness coaching and sports massage therapy. By all means Vlada is not a professionally trained dancer, but she always had passion for dance from an early age. While in New York City she also pursued her passion for dance, where she studied ballet and contemporary (Peridance Capezio School). Today she stays in touch with dance world through helping dancers work on their alignment, strength and flexibility through classical Pilates out of her recently established classical Pilates studio - The Pilates Studio Dublin, based in Ranelagh.

‘My goal is to help each dancer reach deeper and higher and to become stronger and healthier in their dance career. I am  here to work and balance the body, to enhance the strengths and to improve the weaknesses. I work with the dancers to get the most out of their body, to give them an advantage through the use of Authentic Pilates Method.

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About the Weekly Wellness Class

This class is under the umbrella of our Healthier Dancer programme, promoting a year round focus for dancers on their physical and mental well-being.  Each four week block sees a different type of class and while they are aimed at dancers, all are welcome. 

The Spring  / Summer Schedule is as follows:

Feb 08 - March 01 – Classical Pilates with Vlada Korolova

March 08 - 29 – Tai Chi with Nicole Mills

April 05 - 26 – Yoga with Justine Cooper

May 03 - 24 – Alexander Technique with International Guest Glenna Batson

May 31 - June 21 – Hanna Somatics with Katrin Neue

For further information:

  • Telephone: 01 855 8800
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