Daily Morning Class: Juan Jesus Guiraldi (Contemporary)

Mon 28 Aug 2017 - Fri 1 Sep 2017
10:00 - 12:00
Please Note:
This class will be accompanied by Spanish translator.
Please note this class is 2 hours in duration.
Member 5 Class Card €30 Member 10 Class Card €50 Non-Member 10 Class Card €90
Open to professional level dancers and advanced level students
Juan Jesus Guiraldi


During the warm up we will register our body parts seeking to find the specific mobility of the joints and generate points of relationship between them. We will use elements of yoga, acrobatics, breaking dance and parkour to get strong and ready for the class.  Strong physical contemporary dance class suitable for advanced “movers”: contemporary dancers, acrobats, break dancers, parkours, street dancers and movement researchers. The possibilities of movement are infinite. We will look for a body at our disposition, allow ourselves to be, to find own places and put into practice the mix and the crossing of different ways of moving, in order to build a proper language that identify us.

After the warm up the class will develop into more complex dance sequences using elements of flying low, acrobatics, braking dance and parkour, leading to finally work individual and group improvisation. We will recognize and use all our body parts. We will build the general space, but also the own and particular space of each body using the gravity, floor, air, and spirals inside us. Music and sound will be used as means for experimentation.


  • Investigate various movement possibilities.
  • Link performers from different disciplines.
  • Evolve in our own and personal investigation of movement.

This class will be taught in Spanish, and translated each day by Dance Ireland member Rocio Dominguez.

About Juan Jesus

Juan Jesus Guiraldi is an Argentinean Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher. Having trained in Contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Hip Hop, Street Dance, Acrobatics, Breakin’, Parkour, Argentinian Folk dancing and Tango, his research has to do with the experimentation of different movement techniques crossing people from various backgrounds to “revolutionize” their own movement.

He holds a degree in Choreography and Composition with elements of Arentinean Folklore and Tango, and has studied with international dancers such as Peter Jasko, Thomas Hauert, Erica Sobol, Andrés Labarca, among others.

He is the director and choreographer of the Argentinean dance company “Una constante” (“A constant”), Director of the Intensive Course “E.M.E” in Buenos Aires (“Movement Experimentation”), and he had created and has organized the “Constant” Music and Dance Festival in Argentina since 2014. He teaches in various studios and dance schools, and has taught internationally in Chile and South Africa to different dance companies.

Jesus is currently touring in Europe teaching workshops and presenting his solo work “Un día” (“One Day”).

About Daily Morning Class

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