The board of directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance which guides the organisation in its professional conduct.

With this commitment at the centre, the board of directors has adopted the Dance Ireland Governance Framework, which consists of a suite of documents setting out the policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities which guide how we conducts our business. Dance Ireland Board of Directors Principles of Good Governance.

Dance Ireland, is the trading name of the Association of Professional Dancers in Ireland Company Limited by Guarantee (registration number 189346), with charitable status (CHY 16193).    

Overseen by a non-executive board and employing a full-time executive, Dance Ireland is the national membership resource organisation supporting the development of all forms of dance. We serve the best interests of a membership and the wider dance community, by providing ongoing training, professional development, management of DanceHouse (on licence from Dublin City Council) and an Access & Participation programme.

The legal and financial responsibility for Dance Ireland is vested in the board of directors, and management of the organisation is delegated to the Chief Executive.

In 2012 in advance of securing charitable status, the board undertook a review of its Memo and Articles of Association, and made a number of amendments regarding remit, directors’ roles, responsibilities and length of service. These amendments were unanimously endorsed by the membership at an EGM, following the AGM on Sunday 15 April 2012.

Directors are elected from the membership and co-opted. All directors serve a 2-year term, which is renewable up to a maximum of 6 years. The board meets quarterly in addition to the AGM and other meetings. The board is committed to enhancing its Governance Framework and has established three committees:  

Finance Committee
Chaired by John Malone, with Richard Johnson and Richard Wakely.

Governance Committee
Chaired by Joseph O’Hanlon (Company Secretary) with Anne Maher and Maria Nilsson Waller.

Fundraising Committee
Chaired by Aoife Courtney, with Michelle Cahill, Anne Maher and Chief Executive.   

Chief Executive Remuneration:
Chief Executive: €70,000 (capped) plus 5% ER pension contribution.

Latest Audited Accounts
Latest Annual Report

The board of directors is committed to maintaining transparent systems, informed by the following policies and procedures, and to reviewing these on an annual basis:

Conflicts of Interest policy 
Reserves Policy 
Risk Management Policy 
Programme Policies and Decision-Making Process 
Dance Ireland Membership Terms & Conditions 
Health & Safety Policy 
Child Protection Policy 
Equal Opportunities Policy 
Data Protection Policy